Friday, July 3, 2009

Tourist Spots and Travel destinations in Chikmagalur

This is the map district map of Chikmagalur which is in Karnataka.You can take a look at this to know the road route to Chikmagalur.The languages that people speak here are Kannada and English.

Tourist Attractions

* Baba Budan Range:This place is situated to the north of Chikmagalur
* Kondadarama Temple:This temple is a gorgeous mix of Hoysala and Dravidian architectural styles.
* St. Joseph's Cathedral:The prime attraction of this church is its eye-catching shell-shaped portico.
* Sringeri: This pilgrim center is known for the Vidyashankara Temple, which has 12 zodiac pillars. Sun’s rays fall on each pillar according to the time of the year.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hyderabad Tourist Place

Gateway to South India is Hyderabad. It is place where Muslims and Hindus live together peacefully. If you are going to Hyderabad the must see place is “Charminar”. This is the main landmark of Hyderabad. In 1591, Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah built the Islamic architectural splendor monument. This wonderful monument has its four arches facing the royal streets. You can buy glass bangles here. Mecca Masjid is close Charminar. This is large mosque which can accommodate nearly 10,000 people.
Another Tourist important place is Hussain Sagar the beautiful lake in the heart of the City. The Husasain Sagar lake is a superb place for holiday makers. It connects the twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad . Now it is popularly known as “Tank Bund”. This place is crowded with young couples and families. You can buy many eatables here. In Winter they sell roasted maize corns. In Summer you can enjoy sugarcane juice and ice creams.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

In South India Kovalam Beach is best place to visit. Kerala State is believed to have been founded and blessed by the Great Sage “Parashuram”. Kovalam is a small village situated on the Malabar Coast along the Kerala shoreline. The beaches are referred to as “slices of heaven” on Earth. Kovalam beach is known for having three contiguous falcate beaches. Lighthouse Beach is the most popular and offers budget hotels. The beach still unexplored and enveloped by serene backwaters is the Poovar beach. The shanmugam beach is famous for exotic sunsets.

Kerala beaches are known for untainted, clean sands, whispering palms and remedies offered by ayurvedic spas along the shores. Kovalam is a natural bay ideal for swimming, surfing. In the evening in Kovalam beach Kathakali performances, classical dance-drama of Kerala are worth to see. From Kovalam you can go for a Kerala paddling country boats, enjoying its greenery. Some hotels offer houseboats and catamaran for the tourists in reasonable rates.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tourist Spot Tirupathi

In South India Tirupathi temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara is very famous. Large number of people visits this temple again and again. This temple is well maintained by Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthnam.

In 9th Century AD the Pallavas of Kanchipuram, 10th Century the Cholas of Thanjavur, The Pandias of Madurai and in 14th -15th Century the Kings of Vijayanagar were the devotees of Lord Sri Venkateswaran and they endowing the temple with rich offerings. Raghoji Bhonsle, the Maratha General set up a permanent endowment in the temple for the conduct of worship. He offered valuable jewels including a large emerald to Lord.

Everyday, lot of devotees visiting temple. Vaikuntam Queue Complex is the entrance for Dharshan. In this complex, Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthnam provides wide range of facilities such as medical aid, sale of photos, food packets at subsidized rates, fresh milk, closed circuit T.V., Cloak room to preserve our things, etc.

Here Sarvadarsanam(free) about 18 hours on normal days and 20 hours on peak days; Special Dharshan with the purchase of tickets you have wait in the Queue in short time- you can Dharshan of he Lord’s Icon-the grace, the beauty and the majesty of the Deity are superb. You cannot express it in words.

Here you can get free accommodation or paid accommodation. Rooms are clean and well maintained. So if you visit South India don’t forget to Visit Tirupathi.